Bag a Multi-Function Lighter Phone Case For a Bargain Price!

Bag a Multi-Function Lighter Phone Case For a Bargain Price!

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Well if you’re going to pick up something for the sake of convenience, why not make it ultra-convenient while you’re at it. After all…what’s the sense in carrying a phone case AND a lighter, when you can carry a lighter phone case?

Yep…if you’ve not come across these before, there’s a good chance you’ll want one! Not that we’re the types to condone smoking of course, but we can’t deny there’s something seriously cool about these lighter phone cases!

Take a look and see for yourself:

iPhone 6s Case, ZVE Multifunctional Cigarette Lighter Cover for iPhone 6/6s Built-in Cigarette Lighter/bottle Opener/ Camera Stable Tripod Case (Black)

  • If you’re out for the best in the business, insist on authentic ZVE only!
  • Features a flameless rechargeable lighter with capacity to light 250 cigarettes
  • Convenient bottle opener built into the back of the case for added convenience
  • Tripod fixing attachment allows for compatibility with most modern tripods
  • Designed to fit the iPhone 6 and 6s flawlessly – not suitable for other iPhone models

iPhone 7 Case, ZVE Multifunctional Lighter Case Durable Shockproof Protective Cover with Cigarette Lighter, Bottle Opener for Apple iPhone 7 (2016) 4.7 Inch (Black)

  • The same outstanding ZVE multi-purpose case for the iPhone 7
  • Available exclusively from the manufacturer directly – accept no imitations!
  • Brilliant safety-lighter built into the back of the case – energy-saving and windproof
  • Extended capacity, can light up to 540 cigarettes from one full charge
  • Comes complete with a full 18-month warranty from the manufacturer!

iPhone 5s Case, ZVE® Apple iPhone SE/5S/5 Case Built-in Cigarette Lighter/Bottle Opener/[Heavy Duty] (Blue)

  • Probably the best lighter phone case on the market for the iPhone 5 and 5s
  • Offers outstanding protection from drops, knocks and everyday dust/dirt
  • Features an in-built bottle opener for added convenience
  • Flameless safety lighter with its own independent rechargeable battery
  • Slimline, lightweight and built to fit the iPhone 5 and 5s flawlessly

iPhone 5/5s Lighter Case (Black)

  • A unique iPhone 5/5s case that features an actual flame lighter!
  • Detachable, refillable and fully safety-certified
  • Great for lighting cigarettes, candles and pretty much anything at all
  • Adjustable flame for total convenience
  • Adds an extra layer of protection to your iPhone 5

Newly High Quality iphone 6/6S Case , Multifunctional Cigarette Lighter Cover for iPhone 6 /6S,built-in Cigarette Lighter / Beer Bottle Opener/ Camera Stable Tripod Shockproof Defender Case (Green)

  • The peak of versatility and convenience in a multi-function phone case
  • Comes with a built-in windproof lighter with its own rechargeable battery
  • Eye-catching green color design and the highest quality materials
  • Safe, secure and easy to use – the total package for you iPhone 6 or 6s
  • Precision cutouts allow for convenient access to all ports, buttons and cameras

As an Amazon Associate, BestCases earns from qualifying purchases.

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