best oneplus two case for rough use

Best Cases for OnePlus Two for Safety and Beauty

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Looking for the best cases for the OnePlus Two? OnePlus Two is a great success for OnePlus company. It is a complete phone for the price range with all its cool specs such as snapdragon 810 processor, 4GB RAM, 13 MP camera with laser autofocus and many more.

More than a million units have been sold till date and increasing. OnePlus Two has a Sandstone Black and White Back. The Sandstone Black back is known to catch dust and scratches, while the White is turning pale yellow by our sweaty hands.

How do we keep our phone safe from all these? Having a case. People often don’t buy cases to keep the shiny new OnePlus Two in eyes of public. But what if we show you some of the best looking cases that will also protect your OnePlus Two?

Let’s see some of the best cases for OnePlus Two that you can buy without losing the looks of phone:

Best Cases for OnePlus Two

1. OnePlus 2 Case , COVRWARE® [ Shield Series ]



Coverware is one of the renounced cover manufacturer in the market. The cover available for OnePlus two by Coverware is like an armoured case. Very pretty, sexy and cool at looks and rigid, scratch proof when it comes about safety.

No one would negotiate to put down the phone’s looks just for protection. If you are looking for a good looking cover with ample amount of protection then this is the right one for you.

Coming to the features:

  • Its made of TPU layer (inside) and poly-carbonate layer outside.
  • Its a full cover which would protect all the edges and even the screen in case the phone falls off facing down.
  • The poly-carbonate back is very grippy and provides enough comfort to use your phone single handed.
  • Available in 4 color variant – Black, Silver, Champagne Gold and Turquoise
  • You will also get free screen protector with the cover which would protect your phone screen from dust, wear and tear during daily use, smudge and minute scratches.

2. TUDIA Ultra Slim Protective Case

best cases for oneplus two

This Tudia cover for OnePlus Two gives a classic look for your phone without any extravagance. Simple and protective covers gives a completely different charm. It would match and give descent look with your attire especially for business and professional class. College students generally like designer, protective, printed and such colorful covers. But it wont suit people in all fields.

Features of Tudia OnePlus Two case:

  • It comes with a high TPU which give enough protection to your phone.
  • Rubberized silicone case gives a good grip and would be strong also.
  • Easy access to volume, power button and also for audio, charging port.
  • It also has raised edges which would protect the screen from shattering when your phone slips from your hand. It also protects your phone from liquids, dust when you place your phone facing down.
  • Available in four colors: Black, Blue, Grey and Purple.

3. Diztronic Full Matte Slim-Fit Flexible Case 


Diztronic cover is similar to Tudia cover mentioned above. It is simple and protective. It is a flexible case and would not break in case you drop your phone. when a phone accidentally falls the metal cased may get a dent and hard plastic cases would break. But a rubber case wouldn’t break nor would get a dent. Its hard to get scratches too.

Features of Diztronic OnePlus Two case:

  • It has moulded buttons onto the case which gives a better access and easy usage.
  • Generally armoured, bumper and metallic finished are quite heavier and would add more onto your phone. But this phone is very light as well as thin layered giving you a more comfortable handling for you.
  • It weighs about 30 grams (1 ounce) which will hardly feel bulky after using it.
  • Matt finished is more durable and is free from smudges and fingerprint trails.
  • It has raised edges to protect the screen from breaking if it falls on its face
  • Available in six beautiful colors: Full Matte Black, Full Matte Charcoal grey, Full Matte Navy Blue, Full Matte Purple, Full Matte Red, and Full Matte Teal Blue.

4. OMNIX [Heavy Duty] Hybrid

best oneplus two cases

OnePlus Two has an amazing display and screen resolution. If you are using OnePlus Two specially for media consumption, this hybrid case is the perfect fit for you. See how you can keep your OP2 in landscape mode on a stand while you enjoy that movie.


  • The polycarbonate layer protects your phone from rough use at the same time keeping the case very light.
  • The case will protect your screen from breaking even if it falls on the screen.
  • Since it is made up of three layers, the outer hard shell protects from the rough ground surface while the inner TPU rubber layer helps in absorbing the shock.
  • The landscape mode stand is sturdy. You can pull it out when you want to use it and when you don’t need it, it acts just like any other normal case.
  • It is available in following colors: Red, White, Metallic Slate, Matte Black.

5. Moze [Shock Absorbent] [Kickstand]

best oneplus two case for rough use

This one is similar to the one you saw above, but with different design and a couple of interesting features. This Moze case for OnePlus Two has a side stand as well flushed within the case to be used as stand in landscape mode for your media consumption.

Lets see what this OnePlus Two case has to offer:

  • The holes that you see on back are not just holes made for design. The heat radiation that the phone generates is thrown out of these holes to make your phone cooler even after using a case
  • This allows the phone to not self-heat like other cases where the heat is trapped in the case and makes your phone more hotter.
  • This case is shock proof because of inner TPU rubber and hard from outside to keep your phone safe and secure.
  • This case provides safety at any time during accidental drops.
  • Colors available are Black, Gold and Navy Blue.

Your Call

Which of these 5 hand picked cases did you like the most? Which are you buying today? Our personal favorite was the last case which did an allrounder work for us. Let us know your selection in comments below.

As an Amazon Associate, BestCases earns from qualifying purchases.

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