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Top 5 Best Galaxy S4 Cases

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The Samsung Galaxy S4┬áhas become an old phone now, but a lot of people still use it and love the device. This old phone outperforms some phones which were launched in the last year too, that’s the reason why some people still have the love for their Galaxy S4. But keeping it safe for a long time isn’t an easy task, it is also said that oldies prefer using Samsung devices, because of the easy to use interface.

Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

This article has been created with the main aim of helping you select the best case for your Samsung Galaxy S4. These cases aren’t just attractive, but they are protective too. This list consists of 5 best cases for the Galaxy S4 from Without wasting a minute more let’s begin with the list!

1. Incipio atlas case for Galaxy S4

This case looks like it is gulping the phone but it is designed such a way that it protects the phone from all sides. The material is good and protects from any damage.

  • It is waterproof and can stand in a depth of two meters for about thirty minutes
  • The glass is made of a poly-carbonate material that makes the cover glass tough to protect the screen
  • Made of silicone to protect the phone from any drop
  • Tightly packed silicon will help in the prevention of dust entering the phone
  • Touch interface

2. PU leather wallet case for Galaxy S4

A wallet and a phone are tough to carry and if both of them are in one, then it will be a convenient way. This case is a flip designed to carry the money and cards and also your phone.

  • Especially made for Samsung galaxy S4
  • Access is really easy for using
  • Slots for charging. so you can use without the removal of the case
  • Slim in design to save your space in the pocket
  • Slots to store cash and cards
  • Inner holding cover made hard for cash and cards
  • Some best cut outs for all options like speakers and others


3. Tech 21 impact Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

This is one of the best-protecting phone cases that protects from all the sides. This is transparent and gives the good look of your phone.

  • Made with high impact material to protect the phone from drop damages
  • Surrounded by flexible material that makes your phone bounce when dropped
  • Very slim and very light in weight so you don’t need to give your hands stress.
  • Different slots for all the options present in the phone
  • No bulk material is added to improve the protection


4. Urban Armour Case for Galaxy S4

The name armor indicates that this case is strong. Yes, it is really strong and protects your phone from any damage. These are made of high-quality plastic

  • Tested by the military for any drop damages
  • The shell is powerful and saves the phone from any hard impacts
  • Very light in weight and tough in nature
  • Bulged buttons for easy usage
  • Resistant from all scratches and protects the screen too

5. Zero Lemon Battery Case for Galaxy S4

This case is different as it comes with a slot for battery other than the normally used battery. You can use it if you want the best protection for your phone.

  • Slim in thickness and very light weight case
  • Soft to touch with design to protect
  • Hard case to protect in and out of the cover
  • Hard case inside for the phone and a soft case outside for a better handling


So what are you waiting for? which one is gonna be yours soon? All these cases are just to make your smart phone safe and long lasting. Did we miss anything? If yes, let us know in the given comment section. And yes, we value your feedback!

As an Amazon Associate, BestCases earns from qualifying purchases.

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