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10 Best iPhone 7 Cases Based on Looks, Durability and Price

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Best iPhone 7 Cases:

The recent launch of Apple’s iPhone 7 sent Smartphone fans all over the world into mass hysteria. Unsurprisingly, those shelling out top-dollar for this kind of hardware people are out for the best cases for iPhone 7 they can rely on.

After all, this is exactly the kind of pricey smartphone it pays to protect from drops and damage.

In addition, more buyers than ever before are picking up cases because the new color entrants – Jet Black and Black – are even more prone to scratches and scuffs than usual. They are also tried and tested magnets for fingerprints – even Apple has fessed up to this in a recent notice – Apple iPhone 7 Warning.

So with this in mind, here’s our own list of the best iPhone 7 cases available right now. These cases are all designed to protect against accidental drops, scratches and scuffs, not only keeping your device safe, but also looking good enough to warrant wrapping around your prestigious purchase:

Best iPhone 7 Cases

1. Urban Armor Monarch Series

best cases for iphone 7 to protect from drops

• Leather panels and aluminum screws to protect from accidental drop and shocks.
• Protective layer for the screen and oversized buttons to cover the iPhone’s IO.
• Rough texture to avoid slipping from hand. Feels super sturdy in the hand without being toothick.
• Ample cutout space for the camera so the dual tone flash can work effectively. (Many cases don’t take care of this and part of flash falls on the case itself.)
• Available in – Black, Red, White, Blue, Orange, Grey and a wide variety of other colors.

2. Vena [iSlide][Two-Tone]

best looking iPhone 7 cases

  • This case has a unique design dual-tone design which is seriously attractive.
  • The camera cut has a stylish slant cut to it, which also looks great.
  • The case is made of PC shell with soft microfiber on the inside, so the iPhone 7 is not scratched by the case.
  • This case is dock friendly, so is great for those planning to use Apple’s dock for charging as well as listening to music using the 3.5 mm jack.
  • Raised edges ensure that when you position your iPhone upside down, the screen is protected.
  • Available in variouscolor tones – Teal/Champagne Gold, Lavender/Champagne Gold, Orange Gold, Champagne/Gold White.
  • Free Shipping

3. Ballistic Jacket Tough Case

best iphone 7 cases

• Tough jacket to protect you device from an impressive 6-foot drop
• Rubber inside and hard plate outside for dual protection
• Raised bezel to prevent cracking after a fall
• Available in black and white.

4.J&D Wallet Stand Slim Fit Flip Cover

most durable iphone 7 cases

This iPhone 7 case may look bulky and big, but trust us, it’s as handy as it gets. You can store cards, cash and other bits and pieces in it and don’t have to carry a separate wallet around. The case is not as thick as it might look, hence it will fit into your pocket just like any other iPhone 7 case.

• Folio design for total protection
• Book style, leather spine and one enclosure
• Small shell for the phone inside
• Easy access for earphones and charging slot
• Perfect cutoutfor the camera lens
• Available in four awesome colors including copper and graphite.

5. Speck Presidio Grip Case

best case for iphone 7

This case is probably one of the most beautiful, simple, elegant and durable cases for the iPhone 7.

• Made of polycarbonate for a lightweight feel
• Keeps your phone slim, sleek and slender while the case is attached
• Shock absorbing design and maximum strength
• Ridge design on sides for a better grip
• Perfect cutouts for cameras and buttons to allow total control
• Available in 6 sophisticated colors

6. Cygnett WorkMate Pro

cheap dbrand skin for iphone 7

Are you a fan of Dbrand skins for iPhone? They are some of the best for sure, but aren’t cheap to pick up! This case has a similar look and feel to that of Dbrand skins, except that it will give your iPhone 7 a couple of “mm” in thickness around the edges.

• Strong and flexible material to keep your device free of scratches
• Camera and buttons are both accessible and well-protected
• Drop protecting cover with dual-color design
• Available in blue, black, white, gray, green and red

7. VRS Design [Simpli Lite][Satin Silver]

kickstand case for iphone 7

This iPhone 7 case is for those who want to take full advantage of the iPhone 7’s gorgeous display hands-free in landscape mode.

• Durable shell made out of polycarbonate
• Screen-protecting bezel
• Slim case with cutouts for all phone features and functionalities
• Available in a wide range of elegant, eye-catching colors

8. Caseology [Envoy Series] Classic Rich

luxury iphone 7 cases

This is one of the most luxurious looking iPhone 7 cases produced to date. Better yet, it is just as durable and capable in terms of protection as it is gorgeous to look at!

• Made with strong polycarbonate chassis for maximum protection
• Different color backgrounds available
• Accurate button cutouts for a total control
• Outstanding drop protection for enhanced peace of mind

The case is available in 5 different luxurious colors and you get free shipping along with it.

9. X- Doria Lux Case

rough cases for iphone 7

For all the rough (and clumsy!) users out there, this case will keep your iPhone 7 safe from even the harshest of punishment. There are four great colors to choose from and each delivers the perfect balance of performance and protection.

• Polycarbonate body with aluminum for added durability
• Concrete drop safe from an impressive 6.6 feet
• Tough, stylish and convenient with cutouts for all buttons and phone features
• Available in gold, silver and a variety of other colors

iPhone 7 Case, TORRAS [Love Series] Liquid Silicone Gel Rubber Shockproof Case -Mint

Last up, this is just the kind of iPhone 7 case for those who’d rather let the natural elegance of their phone speak for itself. Simple, understated and all about protection for your device.

  • Liquid silicone rubber for a smooth, luxurious feel
  • Adds little to no weight or size to your iPhone 7
  • Built-in metal plate adds both structural rigidity and magnetic holder compatibility
  • A wide range of gorgeous colors to choose from
  • Supplied complete with a full 180-day quality guarantee for added peace of mind

Over to You

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are among the most popular and powerful phones out there right now. The only drawback being that they are far too easily scratched – especially the Matte Black and Jet Black variants.

These are just a few of the examples of the best iPhone 7 cases out there, which are proving hugely popular with buyers all over the world. Go ahead and grab yourself a bargain today while stocks last!

As an Amazon Associate, BestCases earns from qualifying purchases.

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