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Best Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Cases: The Top 4 of all Time

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Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 3 is a super hot smartphone with inventories unable to keep up with demand. With competitive pricing and high-end specifications, Xiaomi is trying to crush the low-end smartphone competition.

However marketable they may be, the Xiaomi phones are better with a good, sturdy case. That provides a good incentive to go looking for a solid case for the Redmi Note 3.

The Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 3 can also be a bit slippery. Here are some cases that go a long way toward improving its style and looks as well as making it feel more solid in your hand. Our picks include some of the most popular cases for the Redmi Note 3 along with some nice cases that are lesser known.

Best Redmi Note 3 Cases

AMZER Pudding Soft Gel TPU Skin Fit Case Cover for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

If you want something that is not too bulky at the same time not as cheap as plain plastic cases, the AMZER Pudding Soft Gel skin fit case is your choice to go for. It is a TPU case. Let’s see what are some features of this case which will help you decide whether to go for it.


  1. A matte finish provides for grip confidence and reduces the probability of sliding on smooth surfaces
  2. Guards and protects the screen and corners of the device 
  3. A perfect fit for all the features of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 
  4. Opening provided for your charger plug and headphone cables 

All in all, this case is for those who want protection against scratches, accidental bumps but maintaining the same form factor of phone with no bulkiness.

football fan club cases redmi note 3

FIFA world cup 2016 is just a few months away and you don’t want to miss a single chance supporting your team. Having an awesome Redmi Note 3 case of your nation is one way of showing your support in public.

This case is specially for all of your Football fans. Fret not, there are Redmi note 3 cases supporting more than 20 countries so you can choose which country you support while buying the case.

There is nothing much to say about these cases apart from the thing that its a great way to support your FIFA team and it will also offer you scratch resistance. Just choose your country and click on buy.

best xiaomi note 3 tough case india

The above 2 cases were more on the slimmer, less bulkier side. This particular case is specially made for tough usage. If you are a rough smartphone user, this is the perfect case for you. The rugged and tough case is a little bulky, but will provide your shiny new Redmi Note 3 with all round protection.

Let’s directly get into its features.


  1. Rugged case with tough polycarbonate on the outside while TPU rubber inside to absorb the shocks and drops.
  2. The case comes up the screen by couple of milimetres to protect againsts shattering of screen in case of drops.
  3. The case comes with a flused in stand. Pull out the stand and you can view your phone in landscape mode without holding in hands. Great for content consumption.
  4. The dual layer construction will ensure your Redmi Note 3 deals no harm from accidental falls even from ear’s height.
  5. Available in Red, Neon Green, Black and Blue color.

best redmi note 3 cases

The best thing about this case is the feeling it gives to hands while holding it. It feels super comfortable and does not slip out of hand. The cuts are perfect for the camera and fingerprint sensor.

The texture of this case is not prone to dust collections and is anti-fingerprint. The case is also very durable and does not wear out.

The best color for this case personally would be Red. It feels very bright and is sure to catch attention of others while you hold it in hand. The case also provides protection against scratches and bumps.

Your Call

These were the top and most bought cases for Redmi Note 3. Make sure to get one right away before the stocks are out. Imagine, the smartphone being out of stock and you won’t even be able to purchase a case for it.

Let us know which of the above Redmi Note 3 cases did you like and which case are you planning to buy. If you know any more Redmi note 3 cases which are as amazing as these, let’s discuss it with other Redmi Note 3 owners!

As an Amazon Associate, BestCases earns from qualifying purchases.

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