Chanel Phone Case Alternatives from Market-Leading Designers

Chanel Phone Case Alternatives from Market-Leading Designers

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Looking for designed looks and quality but can’t afford a real Chanel iPhone case? If it makes you feel better you’re certainly not the only one! Genuine Chanel phone cases tend to be ridiculously expensive and let’s be honest…you don’t want an illegal fake in your life! After all, real style is about owning the real-deal or nothing at all!

So we thought we’d present you with a few Chanel iPhone case alternatives, which are right up there in terms of quality, design and prestige, though in a different league when it comes to price:

Ted Baker AW15 Women’s Collection Back Cover for iPhone 6S – Black

  • Fresh from one of the fastest-growing designers in the world
  • The real-deal from the legendary UK-based fashion house
  • Soft-feel coating for a feeling of real luxury and prestige
  • Beautiful, elegant design that’s guaranteed to turn heads
  • Make a real statement with a luxury iPhone case of the highest quality

iPhone 6S Case, TORU [DESIGNER PATTERN] Protective Dual Layer Cover – Artist’s Dream

  • An ultra-premium product from TORU – a highly sought-after design house
  • Snaps on an off in seconds for instant, convenient protection for your iPhone
  • Two-layer construction with the highest-quality materials for outstanding performance
  • A limited-edition design printed in limited quantities for added prestige
  • Sold exclusively by TORU directly and unavailable via resellers globally

Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 7 Case, Luxe Double Up Designer Phone Case – Quilted Black

  • Another outstanding iPhone 7 case from Rebecca Minkoff
  • Made using genuine leather of the highest quality – ultimate luxury
  • Features real metallic buttons for an added look/feel of prestige
  • Form and function in perfect harmony – looks great and protects your iPhone
  • Styled in Rebecca Minkoff’s signature materials and colors

Pierre Cardin iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case – Brown

  • Gorgeous one-piece leather design from the master global design house
  • Official branded merchandise, made from premium materials and built to last
  • The perfect package of protection for your device and unrivalled style
  • A true one-of-a-kind case available exclusively from Pierre Cardin
  • Exquisite looks and style for the more demanding, discerning customer!

Sonix LIANA TEAL Cell Phone Case for iPhone 7 – Retail Packaging – Liana Teal

  • Simply stunning Liana Teal that’s also incredibly durable
  • Designed looks combined with military drop protection for your iPhone 7
  • Slim, lightweight and with a UV-resistant coating for long-term performance
  • Provides full 360-degree protection for your device
  • Comes complete with a one-year guarantee as standard for total peace of mind

As an Amazon Associate, BestCases earns from qualifying purchases.

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