The Decoden Phone Case Of Your Dreams, Right Here!

Best Decoden Phone Case Of Your Dreams, Right Here!

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If you’re not already into decoden, you should be! Decoden is all about taking something awesome like a cellphone and making it into something totally unique, limited only by your own imagination! Making a Decoden phone case is so much fun that once you start, it’s hard to stop! It’s simply a case of picking up the bits and pieces you’ll need to get it done – which is where we thought we’d help you out!

So if you want to go nuts with a decoden phone case of your own, pick up what you need right here and get started!

Coolrunner Mixed Food Resin Flatback Kawaii Cabochons Decoden (60)

  • A mixed bag containing 60 random sweets and assorted items
  • All sizes vary from 10mm to 30mm
  • Brightly colored and manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Flat back allows for easy sticking to your chosen device or object
  • Simply brilliant for turning your phone into something that’s 100% unique

50pc Blue Theme Bows Flowers Girls Heart Cupcakes Frogs Bears Ducks & More

  • A bumper 50-piece kit with more than enough to decorate several phones!
  • Items range in size from 6mm to 18mm
  • Incredibly cute and colorful, creatively designed and meticulously manufactured
  • A random bag of assorted items with something new to discover every time!
  • Easy to stick with flat backs – decorate anything you like!

Incredible art Mixed lot Cartoon and animal Resin Flatback cute Cabochons Decoden Pieces,20pc per packet

  • Simply stunning hard resin decoden pieces in cute, colourful designs
  • 20 random pieces in each back measuring from 10mm to 25mm
  • Perfect for decorating smartphones, tablet pcs and pretty much anything else
  • All pieces feature a flat back for easy application
  • Create your own masterpiece with a world of epic icons to play with!

Chenkou Craft 50pcs Lots Mix Assort Easter DIY Flatbacks Resin Flat Back Buttons Scrapbooking

  • 50 random pieces in every pack, outstanding value for money
  • Bright, bold colors and the cutest designs imaginable for all kids of projects
  • A mixture of sizes, shapes and dimensions for real creativity
  • Flat backs allow for the easiest possible application
  • The highest-quality materials and incredible detail on each piece

Sea Team Mixed Lot Food Resin Flatback Mini Kawaii Cabochons, 20 Pieces

  • The perfect decoden package for food lovers!
  • 20 random pieces, none repeated in each pack
  • Hard resin with ultra-bright and bold colors for standout craft projects
  • Great for making your Smartphone stand out from the crowd
  • Outstanding value for money and so much fun to work with!

As an Amazon Associate, BestCases earns from qualifying purchases.

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