Ditch the Wallet, Pick Up the Perfect Phone Case Wallet!

Ditch the Wallet, Pick Up the Perfect Phone Case Wallet!

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Here’s a question – why carry a phone case and a wallet when you can just pack a phone case wallet instead? Increasingly, folks all over the world are swapping out their bulky wallets for neat, nifty and nicely-style phone case wallets that pull double-duty. Cards, cash and in some cases accessories too, the right phone case wallet really can do it all.

So if you’re out to pick up a cool phone case wallet to make your life that little bit easier, perhaps consider one of these top picks plucked directly from the best-sellers over at Amazon:

EYN Products eynblack6 Carrying Case for iPhone 6 – Standard Packaging – Black

  • An incredibly innovative case that delivers far more than meets the eye
  • Features a hinged-back with plenty of discreet storage space within
  • Includes an enclosed mirror to keep an eye on how you’re looking all day long!
  • Also features a convenient kickstand for video calls and movies
  • The perfect package of style, substance and rugged protection for your device

iPhone 6/6s 4.7″ Case,WenBelle Blazers Series,Stand Feature, Vitality Grey

  • Designed to help eliminate bulk wallets from your life entirely!
  • Gorgeous design from WenBelle – a market leading in innovative case designs
  • Plenty of storage space with three card holders and room for banknotes
  • Keeps your cash and cards out of view and safe as can be
  • Gorgeous faux leather Blazers design for prestige, protection and total performance

iPhone 6/6s Wallet Case – Vault Slim Wallet for iPhone 6/6s (4.7″) by Silk  (Midnight Black)

  • A beautifully slim, sleek and lightweight phone wallet case for your iPhone 6
  • Plenty of room to house three cards and banknotes securely and discreetly
  • Rugged one-piece construction provides outstanding device protection
  • Comes complete with premium screen protector as standard
  • Gorgeous looks and complete convenience in one affordable package

iPhone 6 Case, Vofolen Impact Resistant Wallet Cover, Gold

  • Innovative design with a unique sliding door to the back
  • Impact resistant with hard plastic cover and soft rubber interior
  • Sufficient space for two cards and banknotes, safely and discreetly out of view
  • Raised lip to the front help protect the screen from scratches and scrapes
  • Precision-cut ports allow convenient access to all ports, buttons and features

iPhone 6S Wallet Case, Leather LAMEEKU Protective Wallet cover – Blue

  • An excellent choice from one of the world’s leading iPhone case manufacturers
  • Plenty of space for three cards and banknotes, kept hidden from view
  • Beautiful mint green color with other designs available from LAMEEKU
  • Full-frame shock protection keeps your device safe from knocks, shocks and drops
  • Gorgeous design featuring premium materials including soft leather and rigid TPU


As an Amazon Associate, BestCases earns from qualifying purchases.

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