Best case for Iphone 13

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Smartish’s Gripmunk, through many names and minor tweaks, has been our favorite basic iPhone case for half a decade. It’s no surprise to see this case once again best the competition when it comes to the iPhone 13, especially now that Smartish has improved on the tried-and-true design by adding a MagSafe magnet for a small premium. A non-MagSafe version is available for $5 less, but it’s better to spend the extra Lincoln now rather than having to buy a whole new case if you decide you want to use MagSafe down the line.

The Gripmunk is a one-piece protector made of soft, rubber-like plastic (TPU, or thermoplastic polyurethane) with enough give for you to easily install it on your phone but not so much that it will stretch out, and the case’s corners won’t pop off when you don’t want them to. The back is smooth, while the perimeter has a pebbly texture that, combined with three small grooves on the left and right sides, provides a noticeable amount of grip. We prefer cases that cover the iPhone’s buttons but don’t dampen the clickiness, which the Gripmunk thankfully gets right. And although we can’t vouch for exactly how protective the air pockets in the four corners are, I can personally attest to the case’s ability to withstand more than a few drops.

As an Amazon Associate, BestCases earns from qualifying purchases.

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