Pelican iPhone 6 Case Review

Pelican iPhone 6 Case Review

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When Pelican releases a new iPhone 6 case, you pretty much know what to expect. Which in turn means you usually know what to expect from the average Pelican iPhone 6 review – the usual mix of outstanding pros and niggling cons.

With the case of the Pelican Marine iPhone 6 case…well, it’s much of the same once again! While it definitely doesn’t rank up there with the cheapest cases in the business, it does at least excel in certain areas of performance.

Design and Style

Pelican iPhone 6 Case Review

We’ll keep this brief so you can check things out for yourself. The Pelican Marine once again promises total water-proofing and outstanding drop protection, from a case that’s slim, lightweight, easy to use, discreet and so on. Which for the most part, it is. It feels high-end and high-quality to touch, with a non-slip surface on the front side and an incredibly slick rear. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is a matter of personal opinion.

Fitted to the iPhone 6, it looks the parts and isn’t nearly as bulky as many of the other waterproof cases out there. It’s lightweight, easy enough to attach and nicely colored, without going over the top.

Put to Use

Pelican iPhone 6 Case Review

What put to the test, the Pelican Marine does the main thing it promises in style. Total waterproofing for your device and the ability to survive drops of up to 6.6-feet, which is quite a lot. In terms of functionality, everything works exactly as it should and the ports can be accessed by removing the respective covers. The headphone jack protector is a bit of a pain to get in and out, but at least you know it’s doing its job when things get wet n’ wild.

However, just as is the case with various other models from the same manufacturer and collection, things get a little on the questionable side when it comes to taking and making calls. The phone does its job fine, but quite a lot of users have found that the Pelican Marine makes it very difficult for the person on the other end of the call to hear what you’re saying. Which of course depends on the conditions at the time, but it’s definitely a common enough complaint to warrant being aware of.

In Conclusion

On the whole therefore, the Pelican Marine scores incredibly highly once again for those looking for a case to protect their phone from even the harshest conditions. Put to the test, it delivers the good reliably and impressively. That said, given its proclivity to problems with call-sound-quality, it might not be the best choice as an everyday case to use when conditions are more on the safe side.

Once again, the same conclusion you’ll find from pretty much every Pelican iPhone 6 case review you come across – solid performance in the harshest conditions, but still with a few imperfections to iron out.

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As an Amazon Associate, BestCases earns from qualifying purchases.

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