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Top 5 Best Cases for the Galaxy S7 Edge

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Planning, getting opinion, deciding, finalizing and at last getting a phone, then comes the maintenance of the phone. Maintaining a phone is also as important as getting a good phone. We need proper cases/cover, tempered glass to protect one’s phone from physical damages.

Who wants those scratches and scars on your brand new shiny Galaxy S7 Edge? Having a good quality case that gives protection as well as the aesthetic appearance is a must in this age of smartphones.

Best Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

So finally decided to get clothes for your beautifully built Galaxy S7 Edge? We are here with list of 5 best cases for your Galaxy S7 Edge. To make it more clear, this list contains the list of best cases based on overall usage. We will be soon be up with posts which will have best cases based on appearance, protection and other features. Not to bore you more, lets begin with the list

1. OBLIQNake Shield & Metal Kickstand case for Galaxy S7 Edge.




  • Crystallized shock absorbing cover. Protects edges from dents and scratches when your phone accidentally trips from your hand.
  • TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) bumper which prevents phone from hard drop impact.
  • Magnetic Kickstand helps you to place your phone at a comfortable position while watching a movie, while video chatting or while watching nostalgic clipping shot on your phone.
  • Since the crystallized cover is clear the original color of the phone looks prettier with the same glow.
  • It is available in classy Black, Clear and Golden color.

2. Spigen Thin Fit Galaxy S7 Edge Case



  • Poly-carbonate cover to make your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge damage free.
  • Quick and easy access of ports and buttons for users ease.
  • Since the material used is poly-carbonate the cover is light and strong.
  • Matt finished black cover gives a classic finish and also with a good grip to hold.

3. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series for Galaxy S7 Edge.



  • New elegant design, transparent cover with shock absorbing edges.
  • Shock absorbing high grade TPU and PU material which would protect your phone from the damages and dents. Shock waves transfers from the TPU material to the air cushioning reducing the waves and protecting the phone.
  • Elevated bezel protects the screen from shattering when phone falls face down accidentally.
  • Sensible and easy accessible buttons , giving a comfort and control over phone.
  • Available in Frost Black, Frost Blue and Normal Black. My personal favorite is Frost Black.

4. Caseology Envoy Series, Leather Bound Bumper Cover for Galaxy S7 Edge.




  • High quality leather cover with a metallic bumper.
  • Double layered TPU fused with leather and polycarbonate frame is very grippy and charming look for your phone. Leather provides an anti-slip surface and metallic bumper is similar to the company manufactured light aluminium.
  • The TPU and polycarbonate layer would protect the inner layer from harming the phone’s edge when your phone slips from your hand.
  • Raise in the lip guard protects the screen from direct contact with the ground, preventing screen damage and scratches.
  • Available in Carbon Fibre Black, Leather Brown, Leather Cherry Oak (Personal favorite), Leather Green, Leather Navy Blue, Leather Pink.

5. Spigen Tough Armor HEAVY DUTY Gunmetal case for Galaxy S7 Edge



  • Shock-absorbing TPU interior which resists the shock waves and protects the body/edges of the phone.
  • Poly-carbonate exterior is strong and scratch resistant, shock waves moves into the TPU layer when the phone accidentally bumps/ falls.
  • Air cushioning technology is used in this case which would protect the edges and body when the phone accidentally falls. The shock waves ends in the air cushioning and prevents from passing it on to the body. Air cushion used in this phone is Military-Grade Protection MIL-STD 810G 516.6
  • It also has the latch/ stand which can be used to place your phone in a slant position which watching movies or video chatting.

Which of these best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cases did you find appealing? Let us know your taste in best cases for Galaxy S7 Edge in comments below and let others discover more cases.

As an Amazon Associate, BestCases earns from qualifying purchases.

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