best moto z cases

Top 5 Best Moto Z Phone Cases

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Motorola’s smartphones have been famous and popular because of the fact that they were powered by Android’s purest versions without any 3rd party bloatware. With Moto E, Moto X, and Moto G being super popular, Motorola is out with its next series of the smartphone called – Moto Z.

best moto z cases

This is not just another smartphone with a new name, it is carrying some pretty innovative changes with it, including something similar to a modular smartphone. You can attach various modules like the battery pack, new zoom camera module etc. on the back of Moto Z. These modules connect with the golden dots you can see the phone.

Let’s see some of the cases for Moto Z which will make your phone durable, dust-free, scratch free and look good.

Best Cases for Moto Z

1. Super case unicorn

best cases for moto z


This case is best because of its design and the material with which it is made. This is a tough case that will protect your Moto Z from a maximum drop and is rugged in nature.

  • Tough in nature with protection from both sides, in and out.
  • Flexible and protects the screen from shattering.
  • Clips for the belt so you can carry during work, handsfree.
  • Slim and light in weight for easy carrying. It is also very comfortable holding it in hand due to its sturdiness.
  • The case is available in Black and Blue.
  • Free Shipping

This is one of the best cases for Moto Z and is already being purchased by a lot of Moto Z buyers.

2. Tudia Arch Moto Z Case

best moto z cases


A soft yet tough case for your Moto Z and its light colors makes the phone look pleasant and cool.

  • Made of thermoplastic and has rubberised skin gel which makes it non-slippy in hand.
  • Feels soft but tough in nature. This will protect from accidental drops and bumps.
  • Smooth design for a tight grip in hand.
  • Edges raised for protecting the display from getting shattered.
  • Available in Black, Grey, Blue and Transparent.
  • Free shipping available.

This case is perfect for those who want all the protection along with a minimalist case that will look classy and not too bulky.

3. LK MOTO Z Leather

best flip cover case for moto z


A wallet flips cover for your phone as well as for your all bank cards and also other cards like you identity proofs or driving license also. This is for protecting the screen also. The flip is one of the best ideas for mobile protection.

  • A number of slots to store multiple cards and money.
  • Light skin for a smooth touch and closure made of the magnet for holding all types of cards and cash.
  • The flip can be converted to a stand or a support when you are watching some movies or videos for a hands-free experience.
  • Different slots are provided for different buttons and charging slots and also provision for the earphones for listening to the audio.
  • Perfect for women carrying the phone in hand, no need of a purse.
  • Colors available: Black, Pink, Mint, Sky Blue, Purple.
  • Free shipping.

4. i-BlasonClear Case


clear case for moto z

All types of mobile cases are different based on how they show and protect your phone. This is a transparent case for Moto Z that gives the look of your phone and also protects your phone. This is a clear case that has slots for all purposes.

  • Transparent case if you want to keep the look and feel of Moto Z, but want to protect it from scratches and dust.
  • Best design for a better grip and handling without taking away the look of the smartphone.
  • Protects from scratching and the case doesn’t fade into a yellowish color.
  • Surrounded by some bands to protect the phone from drop and damage.
  • Available with a black border if you own a Black version of Moto Z.
  • Free shipping

5. Cimo Wave


silicon case for moto z

A good grip will never make your phone slip away from your hand and a good protection will save it from damage and scratches also. The screen and the camera are important and they need proper care.

  • Designed and developed especially for the Moto Z, hence you will find a cutout for module connect points at the back.
  • The case is slim and very light in weight. Will add hardly any weight to the phone.
  • Very durable material that lasts long. Longer than you would ever use this phone.
  • There are bezels that protect the screen as well as the camera lens from different scratches and drop on the front face.
  • Precise cuts for IO, speakers, microphone and headphone jack.

Your Call

These were the top 5 best Moto Z cases you’ll find on Amazon. They are popular and highly reviewed. This list covers cases for every type of user, be it rough user, someone who just wants to protect from scratches but keep the look of the phone and someone who wants to use modules and also have a case on for protection.

Let us know which one of the cases did you opt for and why in the comments below and if you have suggestions for any other awesome cases for Moto Z so that others can take advantage of.

As an Amazon Associate, BestCases earns from qualifying purchases.

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